AmpCoil Focused PEMF Coiling System

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SHIFT YOUR VIBRATION toward a more balanced normal

Experience a deeper, faster, and safer way to fully experience neuro-biofeedback for stress pain and relaxation or peak performance from the comfort of your home, saving time, money and worry.

The AmpCoil system utilizes proprietary voice analysis app and tone / frequency delivering hardware.  It’s portable and affordable and can be up and running within minutes. Finally all the tools are in place to identify your own body’s stress indicators, and respond to them with a user friendly PEMF (focused pulsed electromagnetic fields) therapy device.

AMPCOIL delivers non invasive sound wave therapy  in a LOCALIZED FLUCTUATING NATURAL FIELD via Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields called PEMF. Ultimately this FIELD ENHANCEMENT helps to better mimic, entrain and restore the true vibrational balance or TONE of normal BODY SYSTEMS, DEFENSES & DETOX MECHANISMS to assist in anti-aging, peak performance and overall wellness through STRESS, PAIN and RELAXATION Biofeedback.

Our app provides guidance for an effective, new delivery system of PEMF Neuro-biofeedback with virtually no learning curve or reported adverse side effects.

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