Liquid Nitrogen Generator Nt-300

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Nitrogen Generator produces N2 liquid, using air as raw materials and carbon molecular sieve as adsorbent, by the selective adsorption of carbon molecular sieve to O2 and N2, achieving the separation of the N2 and O2 in the air.

PSA( Pressure Swing Adsorption) is an advanced gas separation technology, based on the physical adsorption of the internal surface in the adsorbent to gas molecules, separating the gas by the characteristics of absorbing to the quantity of different gas in general pressure. The CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) is a sorbent picked up from the air, used in separating Oxygen and Nitrogen molecular. The absorption quantity of CMS is greatly higher for Oxygen than Nitrogen under the same pressure.
 Our PSA Nitrogen Generator has many advantages, such as high purity, simple process, full automation, low operating cost and so on. And it is widely used in many industry, such as Food packing, Food storing, Electric & Electronic industry, Petrogas & Oil field, Chemicals & Petro-chemicals, Coal-mine, Metallurgy, Pharmacy, SMT, Fire-resistance, lab, Air driving, and so on.

All systems are designed for un-attended operation and automatic Nitrogen demand adjustment.
The lifetime is long and it’s easy replace and maintain for the compressor air purification components.
The output flow of exit is large and the pressure of exit can adjust in the a setting range.
The Nitrogen purity can reach to > 99.99% without other nitrogen purification equipment. If add the nitrogen purification equipment, the purity can reach to>99.999%.
Low investment and energy consumption.
Simple operation and maintenance.
Nitrogen Generator Specification : 
 Product Name  Nitrogen Generator
 Model  NG-75
 Gas Production  2-3m³/h
 Nitrogen Purity  99.9-99.999%
 Intake Pressure  0.6-0.8Mpa
 Nitrogen Pressure   0.1-0.6Mpa
 Purity Display  LED
 Machine dimension  600*500*1250mm
 Power Supply  220V/50HZ
 Power Consumption  50W
 Weight  75kg

 Nitrogen Generator Machine picture 


Freeze dryer Specification :

 Rated capacity  1.5m³
 Power  220V
 Switchboard power  0.6KW
 Fan motor  80W
 Distance between entry and exit  320mm
 Machine size  650*420*640cm
 Weight  25kg
Freeze dryer Machine picture

Filter Specification : 
 Outlet  20mm
 Handling capacity  15m³ /min
 Temperature tolerance  80℃
 Withstand voltage  1.0Mpa
 Filtration accuracy  1μm
 Weight  1kg

Freeze dryer 
Machine picture:
 Air compressor Specification :
 Power  2400W
 Air displacement  405L/min
 Gas storage tank  80L
 Machine size  111*45*75cm
 Weight  74kg


Air compressor  Machine picture: